Few complaints as heat decimates Finland’s mosquitoes

Source: Yle.fi

There are unusually low numbers of mosquitoes throughout Finland this sweltering summer – and likely fewer than usual next year as well.

One of Finland’s hottest summers on record has not been easy on mosquitoes, which have nearly vanished from some areas. Due to the heat, their favoured breeding grounds, shallow ponds, have dried up in areas such as Finnish Lapland – which is usually notorious for mosquito infestations.

Jukka Salmela, who researches mosquitoes at the University of Lapland and is also a curator at the Provincial Museum of Lapland, does not expect any major resurgence of the blood-sucking insects in late summer, either.

Although there is still standing water in places, the number of larvae is much lower than in the spring and early summer.

“Mosquitoes don’t like long periods of hot weather. Then they move around extremely little during the daytime,” says Salmela.

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