R.I.P. Fran Weaver

Fran Weaver, our dear colleague and friend, passed away last Sunday (25th March, 2018). His wake was held at Kaisla yesterday evening. The custom tends to be that we always remember, write and say good things about the deceased even when we really have to delve deep into our memories to find them. With Fran it was easy. He was liked by all, respected by everyone and showed kindness to people he knew and to those he didn’t. The number of people at his favourite beer spot last night, proved that. We will miss him. Rest in peace dear Fran.

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  1. I am writing from the UK, Canterbury, not far from London. It is exactly the same with us. Fran was really the best of us. He was straight with people, open, smiling, and would joke with you if you did something a bit odd (rather than ever get annoyed). And he was very modest. I think it was very impressive that he learnt Finnish (not an easy language, I think). He was admired and liked (and loved, to be honest) by everybody. He was really interested in other people. Maybe that is what made him so loveable and such a good journalist.

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