Serbian Embassy Welcomes Finnish Journalists

by Violetta Teetor

The Serbian Ambassador Saša Obradović and his lovely wife Javorka gave a group of Finnish journalists a warm welcome at the Embassy and residence in Kulosaari. Serbian snacks and wine were plentiful and we all agreed that their hospitality was above and beyond.

Serbian Ambassador Saša Obradović and his wife Javorka came to Helsinki from Rotterdam last November (Credit: Adrián Soto)

This says a lot about the Serbian people whom according to Finns that had been there and addressed us, are wonderfully welcoming and friendly. In addition to this plus factor, standards are high, Wi-Fi works and prices are inexpensive. Even women travelling alone can feel safe and tensions only rise when a political agenda is at stake.

Serbian snacks served by friendly Embassy staff (Credit: Adrián Soto)

We were told about top class events such as EXIT in Novi Sad, an internationally known rave for young people, lasting four nights in July. Uniquely Serbian is GUČA, a world famous trumpet festival held in the city of Čačak, where the trumpet is played in the strangest way with sounds emerging that even the best of the best can hardly believe.

There are mountains, rivers and forests with plenty of outdoor activities for adventure holidays. Spas of international quality cater to the health and wellness market while nightlife in Belgrade is ranked amongst the best in Europe.

After being watered and fed yet again, we left with dreams of a trip to this emerging Balkan country standing in line for EU membership.

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