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The Media in Armenia One Year After the “Velvet Revolution”

Liana Sayadyan A Velvet Revolution swept through Armenia in April 2018 and gave hope that the oppressive situation for the country’s media would be transformed. A year later the early optimism is tempered by evidence of a renewed surge of political … Continue reading

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AEJ national sections and journalists around Europe mark World Press Freedom Day

The Romanian Section of the AEJ (AZIR) celebrates World Press Freedom Day with a special event on 7 May focused on journalists’ dealing with those who wield political power. For the first time the AZIR Prize for the Independence of … Continue reading

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The Assange case concerns the public’s right to know but also public trust in a free press

Protecting media freedom is a core principle and purpose of the Association of European Journalists. The in-depth Report ‘Democracy at Risk’ [see below], which the AEJ and other partner organisations of the Council of Europe’s Safety of Journalists online platform … Continue reading

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Stop Turkey’s ‘relentless’ judicial harassment against free expression champions

The AEJ and other journalists’ and press freedom organisations have publicly condemned the Turkish authorities’ three-year long judicial harassment of the RSF representative in Turkey, Erol Onderoglu, and two other press freedom defenders who are due to appear in court … Continue reading

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Turkey must respect foreign media outlets’ independence

 Joint statement calls for press card to be renewed without further interference  Pressure on international media in Turkey is increasing. German journalists have been expelled from the country as their press accreditations were not renewed. International freedom of expression organisations … Continue reading

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Now what? Brief answers to 8 questions about gov’t resignation

The prime minister tendered his government’s resignation to the president on Friday, and questions abound as to what that means for Finland moving forward. Details find here:

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Data leak reveals shady financial transfers to Nordea Bank

Nordea bank in Finland received hundreds of millions of euros, some of it from suspicious sources, according to leaked documents. Details find here:

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EJN demund freeing political prisoners in Egypt

Helsinki, 25 February 2019 We want to bring to your attention the situation of seven Egyptian citizens: Mr Marzouk Masoum , former assistant foreign minister, former journalist and Ambassador to Finland, Estonia and Uganda and his 6 fellow human rights … Continue reading

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Call for justice and accountability of state authorities on the anniversary of the murder of Jan Kuciak

On behalf of the undersigned media freedom organisations, representing thousands of journalists and human rights activists across Europe, we urge the Slovak authorities to immediately start examining state responsibility in the failure to prevent the assassination of Jan Kuciak. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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Annual Report by the Partner Organisations to the Council of Europe

Platform to Promote the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists 2019 Press freedom in Europe is more fragile now than at any time since the end of the Cold War. Journalists increasingly face obstruction, hostility and violence as they investigate and report on … Continue reading

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