Anti-Money Laundering: MEPs Vote To Shed Light On The True Owners of Companies

Source: European Parliament (

  • Identify beneficial owners of companies operating in the EU
  • EP to back closer controls on virtual currencies
  • Greater protection for whistleblowers

To shed light on the true owners of letterbox companies, any citizen will, in future, be able to access data about the beneficial owners of firms operating in the EU.

MEPs supported on Thursday — by 574 votes to 13 votes, with 60 abstentions — a December agreement reached with the Council, which also proposed closer regulation for virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, to prevent them being used for money laundering and terrorism financing.

The agreement represents the fifth and latest update to the EU’s Anti-money laundering Directive and is partly a response to the terrorist attacks of 2015 and 2016 in Paris and Brussels, as well as the Panama Papers leaks.

(Read more at European Parliament (

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Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out


By Yanis Varoufakis

The Communist Manifesto foresaw the predatory and polarised global capitalism of the 21st century. But Marx and Engels also showed us that we have the power to create a better world.

For a manifesto to succeed, it must speak to our hearts like a poem while infecting the mind with images and ideas that are dazzlingly new. It needs to open our eyes to the true causes of the bewildering, disturbing, exciting changes occurring around us, exposing the possibilities with which our current reality is pregnant. It should make us feel hopelessly inadequate for not having recognised these truths ourselves, and it must lift the curtain on the unsettling realisation that we have been acting as petty accomplices, reproducing a dead-end past. Lastly, it needs to have the power of a Beethoven symphony, urging us to become agents of a future that ends unnecessary mass suffering and to inspire humanity to realise its potential for authentic freedom.

No manifesto has better succeeded in doing all this than the one published in February 1848 at 46 Liverpool Street, London. Commissioned by English revolutionaries, The Communist Manifesto (or the Manifesto of the Communist Party, as it was first published) was authored by two young Germans – Karl Marx, a 29-year-old philosopher with a taste for epicurean hedonism and Hegelian rationality, and Friedrich Engels, a 28-year-old heir to a Manchester mill.

As a work of political literature, the manifesto remains unsurpassed. Its most infamous lines, including the opening one (“A spectre is haunting Europe – the spectre of communism”), have a Shakespearean quality. Like Hamlet confronted by the ghost of his slain father, the reader is compelled to wonder: “Should I conform to the prevailing order, suffering the slings and arrows of the outrageous fortune bestowed upon me by history’s irresistible forces? Or should I join these forces, taking up arms against the status quo and, by opposing it, usher in a brave new world?”

For Marx and Engels’ immediate readership, this was not an academic dilemma, debated in the salons of Europe. Their manifesto was a call to action, and heeding this spectre’s invocation often meant persecution, or, in some cases, lengthy imprisonment. Today, a similar dilemma faces young people: conform to an established order that is crumbling and incapable of reproducing itself, or oppose it, at considerable personal cost, in search of new ways of working, playing and living together? Even though communist parties have disappeared almost entirely from the political scene, the spirit of communism driving the manifesto is proving hard to silence.

(

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DiEM25 strongly condemns last night’s US-led strikes in Syria


DiEM25 strongly condemns last night’s US-led strikes in Syria. We condemn bombing as a cowardly, ineffectual move that will most certainly make the situation in Syria worse, not better. If chemical weapons were used by the Assad regime, the West’s bombs will not help the victims, nor avert further use of misanthropic weapons and methods by Assad or other combatants in Syria.

(

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DiEM25 Workshop – Sheffield Conference

Showroom Workstation Creative Lounge, Sheffield

Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
2:00pm to 5:00pm

Part of Festival of Debate 2018 –
In association with DiEM25

DiEM25 is a pan-European, cross-border movement of democrats, co-founded by Yanis Varoufakis, who have come together from our diverse political traditions to repair the EU for all Europeans, before it disintegrates. Brexit Britain is a key location in this task. Come and meet DiEM activists to discuss how we can plan local, regional, national and European projects together in the run-up to the European elections in 2019. All welcome.

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Finnish leaders react with apprehension to US, British and French air strikes on Syria


Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö and Foreign Minister Timo Soini agree the strikes were expected. Both say they are wary of Russia’s response, with Soini fearing a possible “cycle of retribution”.

The US, Britain and France implemented a missile strike on three targets in Syria in response to a suspected poison gas attack early Saturday morning, Finnish time. Finland’s leaders agree it was not a surprise.

Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö says the strikes were expected, considering the dramatic events of the last week.

“There had been talk of this already early in the week, when French President Emmanuel Macron said that a strike would occur within the next few days. He described the targets already then,” he said.

(

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The accused FBI whistleblower indicted by Trump’s DOJ allegedly leaked secret rules for spying on reporters

Source: Freedom of The Press Foundation (www.Freedom.Press)

The Trump Justice Department escalated its crackdown on journalists’ sources and whistleblowers this week, charging former FBI special agent Terry Albury with two counts under the Espionage Act for allegedly leaking information to an unnamed news outlet, widely believed to be The Intercept.

The case is yet another example of the outrageous—and recently, far too common—use of the World War I-era law, to persecute the sources of journalists for the crime of informing the American public. The fact that whistleblowers have been thrown in jail with increasing regularity using a law meant for spies should be an outright scandal. As First Look Media, The Intercept’s parent company, said through their Press Freedom Fund, “The misuse of the Espionage Act chills truth tellers, impedes investigative reporting, and compromises the democratic process.”

(Read more at Freedom of The Press Foundation (www.Freedom.Press))

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Video: A Brief History of U.S. Intervention in Iraq Over the Past Half Century


(

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End Julian Assange’s Isolation

Sign the petition:

We demand that Julian Assange’s isolation ends NOW!

“It is with great concern that we heard that Julian Assange has lost access to the internet and the right to receive visitors at the Ecuadorian London Embassy. Only extraordinary pressure from the US and the Spanish governments can explain why Ecuador’s authorities should have taken such appalling steps in isolating Julian.”

-Yanis Varoufakis

The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention Deems the deprivation of liberty of Mr. Julian Assange as arbitrary

On 4 December 2015, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (WGAD) adopted Opinion No. 54/2015, in which it considered that Mr. Julian Assange was arbitrarily detained by the Governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In that opinion, the Working Group recognized that Mr. Assange is entitled to his freedom of movement and to compensation. The application was filed with the Working Group in September 2014. The Opinion 54/2015 was sent to the Governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on 22 January 2016 in accordance with the Working Group’s Methods of Work.”

Read more at United Nations Office of The High Commissioner on Human Rights (

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DiEM25 – Democracy in Europe Movement 2025

Please sign-up and get involved:

“We believe that the European Union is disintegrating. Europeans are losing their faith in the possibility of European solutions to European problems. At the same time as faith in the EU is waning, we see a rise of misanthropy, xenophobia and toxic nationalism.
If this development is not stopped, we fear a return to the 1930s. That is why we have come together despite our diverse political traditions – Green, radical left, liberal – in order to repair the EU. The EU needs to become a realm of shared prosperity, peace and solidarity for all Europeans. We must act quickly, before the EU disintegrates.”

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Donate to Freedom of the Press Foundation

“Freedom of the Press Foundation fights for journalists detained at the border, reporters arrested covering protests, and whistleblowers prosecuted for telling the truth. 

Your generous donations sustain our important work. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. 

Freedom of the Press Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our tax ID is 46-0967274.”

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