By asking to participate in an EJN event, a member signifies his or her acceptance of the conditions below.


Trips are sometimes arranged by the EJN to places of professional interest when bookings can be made more cheaply and easily en masse.

The EJN does not offer participants the protection that national consumer authorities require from registered package travel companies. It acts only to coordinate the individual, private bookings of members.

The EJN takes no responsibility to act as a guide or to arrange other such services at the destination. Participants are expected to make their own arrangements for everything not explicitly offered.

The EJN is not liable for any harm incurred during the event or caused by its cancellation or interruption. It will offer no recompense apart from the refund of money received from participants for goods or services that become unavailable.

Participants should carry sufficient funds, or insurance, to meet their needs, including the cost of return if the programme is interrupted.


Event charges

Participants in a trip or other event may be asked to pay a charge to cover costs like accommodation, fares, catering, etc. This charge, and an explicit description of what it covers, will be stated when the event is announced.

Once a member has asked to participate and been informed by email that he or she has been accepted, the stated participation charge becomes payable.

The charge remains payable if the participant subsequently cancels or is unable to participate.

The member can try to recover the cost by seeking another member to take over the place, but only if the nature of the event makes substitution possible.

Any subsidies or price reductions for participants are not payable to non-participants. No-shows will be required to pay the full price.

Participation payments will be demanded whatever the cause for non-participation, regardless of how reasonable or unavoidable.

Members who are concerned about force majeure consequences are urged to purchase insurance.