The Finnish Red Cross Is Sending A Hospital To Bangladesh To Help The Refugees

The first Finnish Red Cross aid workers will be flying to Bangladesh tomorrow at the earliest. The Disaster Relief Fund has granted 500,000 euros to managing the refugee crisis.

The refugees’ situation in the Cox’s Bazar area in Bangladesh is very serious. Since the end of August, more than 420,000 refugees have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh, mostly women and children.

They are in desperate need of food, clean water, shelter, basic supplies and health services.

– We must hurry. Together with the Norwegian Red Cross, we are sending a hospital and roughly 20–25 aid workers to the area. The first Finnish Red Cross workers will be travelling on Saturday and the Finnish portion of the hospital early this week, say Kalle Löövi, the Director of International Operations.

Please read more and donate on The Finnish Red Cross Website

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